Our product range ...

  • Aromatherapy


    Aromatherapy, the science based on the study of the benefits and medicinal properties of essential oils, has become known worldwide. But this science is not actually recent. 4,000 years ago the Chinese discovered the medicinal properties of essential oils, from here this knowledge was spread to countries like India, Persia and Egypt. In ancient Egypt, aromatherapy was the prerogative of the Pharaohs, as evidenced by bottles with essential oils found in their burial chambers.

  • Tea


    Jacob Hooy tea mixes are the ideal combination of plants, made after long intensive research, their purpose being to be able to offer quality products, with important therapeutic properties, and also satisfy your taste buds. The tea mixes are very beneficial and popular, especially in our country. Used regularly, they are also cures for various diseases.

  • Cosmetics


    Product line "NATURAL BEAUTY” is based on natural ingredients and was created according to the BDIH German certification standard. Therefore, the products are without parabens, mineral oils, artificial colors or fragrances. TREETS product range contains no parabens, dyes, silicone or SLS. They are dermatologically tested, have a neutral pH and are also recommended for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

  • Relaxation


    TREETS wellness product range is numerous. It consist not only in a variety of bath and shower products, but also scented candles, cherry pits warm pillows, room sprays, warm socks and also incense.
    All these are offered to you to create your own home spa for your much-needed relaxation.